As one of the professional snacks manufacturers and suppliers, equipped with a modern factory, welcome to our asian snacks, chocolate, dried fruit, nuts, kernels, dehydrated vegetables from our factory for wholesalers all over the world. Besides engaging in China-Made items, we also have a unique capability of acting as commission/buying agents for overseas clients in Saudi Arabia, UAE, UK, Spain, Australia, Germany, etc, who can choose their products, their vendors and leaving the rest work handled by us.
The main products are Stone Chocolate, Rice Crackers, Coated Snacks, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, MSG, Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin seeds, Water Melon Slices Gummy Candy, Peanut products (in shell, Kernels & Blanched), Vermicelli, etc.


>Production Process Description Of Candy

In the production and manufacture of gel candy, how can we use the compound glue properly? Production process First, we should fin

>Description Of The Storage Conditions Of Choc...

Chocolate is very fragile, delicate products, storage conditions are very exquisite, in addition to avoid sunlight, mildew, stored


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